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StGiles – Tasmania

Emma’s Dairy will donate

10 cents for every 500g tub & 5 cents for every 150g sold.

St Giles Society was founded in 1937 and since then has grown to be one of Tasmania’s largest non-government organisations caring for disability. It is their aim that everyone can experience the ability to live, work, play, laugh, love, learn, achieve to feel worthwhile and to be appreciated. At Emma’s Dairy we want to help this great organisation achieve its goals for the Tasmanian community.

Tasmania Circumnavigation

Cycling in Tasmania – Supporting Tasmania

100% Pure Charity

Every dollar raised goes direct to StGiles

The Tasmanian Circumnavigation Charity Ride is the only charity ride in Australia where all the monies raised are given direct to the beneficiaries.

Emma’s Dairy is a major sponsor, keeping the riders fueled with both fresh yoghurt and INSPIRATION!

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